August 19 Recorded Discussion

This week’s event will be a prerecorded discussion between Fr. Fessio, Joseph Pearce, and Vivian Dudro. Click here to access the event. Please note that the video will become available at 2pm PT on Monday.

Please do something about Joseph’s feedback and freezing. It is VERY distracting and makes it hard to want to continue. It has been going on for weeks and commented on, but nothing seems to be done about it.
I love the discussions and informed knowledge I am receiving. In fact, I HAD planned to use this as a basis for a book club within my parish, but do not feel I can until these kinds of issues are resolved.
Thank you.

I’m pleased to inform you that my internet reception is being upgraded before the next live session. Hopefully this will solve the problem.

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Thank you! I am happy to hear this. Thank you to you and Fr. Fessio, and Vivien for the time you all put into this. God bless.

Where is the discussion or video? It took me forever to find you

Good morning, Lois.

Another way they need to improve the book club before I feel comfortable using it for a book club in my parish. It can be VERY difficult to find what you are looking for. I have trouble finding things through FORMED or through my emails. I do a lot of searching.

The best way to simply find the video discussions are to go to Youtube and search Ignatius Press. They are easy to find that way.

There is no easy way to find current or previous discussion questions, etc., that I have found. It seems to take you back to the very beginning book most of the time. I just quit even trying that route and go straight to Youtube.

Hope this helps you,


I’m grateful for the list of 100 recommended books at the back! I’m sure to make use of it :grin: