Great Discussion Episode 3 of Time to Die

thanks for resuming video. I like to see your faces and expressions. Grateful for your work on this club. - Steph

Really enjoyed the discussions on this great book! Yes, and I second the above comment on resuming the video aspect of discussions.

Thank you for giving us something to look forward to during our time of social distancing and staying home for the most part. It’s almost as if I want to grab a box of popcorn and sit back and enjoy the movie (discussion)! God bless…Jackie

Thanks Steph. It’s a joy to be reading these great books and discussing them with Fr. Fessio and Vivian, and it’s greatly encouraging to know that we have engaged participants tuning into the discussion.

Thanks Jackie. I appreciate your finding our discussions relaxing enough to warrant popcorn! We might not be showing a movie but we are at least trying to follow the plot!

Even though the topic was rather heavy, I enjoyed seeing the monks and how they handled daily tribulations like the rest of us. Knowing that someone was always with the dying was reassuring. As pointed out in the discussion, the monks still had “happy” lives full of enrichments. Would not have picked this book without the guidance of the book club. Thank you.

I have been a membe of the Formed Book Club since its inception. I find the boos reviewed interesting and worth rumination. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic and the lockdown and China’s policy of restricint the Internet, the continued participation became difficult. This is the reason that I have not been able to participate. I hope that I can continue to do so. I find the next book most interesting. With a legal background and an interest in Constitutional Law, America on Trial will be food for thought. I had admired Lincoln for his passion for America and for justice and eauality for all most admiratble. Love to begin.