Hoping for summary

Chapters 14 through 16 helped me understand a lot about the appearances of the blessed virgin Mary in modern times. Pages 188 and 189 made some points about Mary that I do not know if Edward Sri included in his book on Mary. Namely how
Jesus echoes his mothers fiat that God the father‘s will be done and handing over his will to God. The topic was very broad and I wish the author had brought together a summary or a structure of why he approach the subject of mercy and it’s varied forms. I was hoping for some type of cohesive statement at the end.

The cohesive statement for which you are hoping will be duly delivered by the guest appearance in this week’s Book Club of the book’s author.

This is a memorable sentence. Noted that the final session with the author was only 22 minutes and no video. Wondering if you will/ would be able to have LIVE sessions ever again? I enjoyed the ‘live’ interaction. (Also enjoy the enlightening Troubadour series). Thanks.

We stopped doing the “live” sessions due to technical glitches. If things go wrong during a recording, we can fix it or start again. We are doing what we can to fix the issues, which seem to be related to the software. Once these problems are solved, I’m sure we’ll be open to returning to the live format. Thanks so much for persevering with us and for your patience.