I’ll read them again! (For the first time)

I haven’t read some of these books since high school, many many moons ago. This book study makes me want to read them again! It will be like the first time since I can hardly remember them and I’ll have this new perspective to enjoy them with.

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Yes. Me too! I actually haven’t read many classics at all! This is encouraging me to check some out.

I LOVED the list of 100 books that Catholics should read–I’ve read some of them but it’s a great list to have. It would be helpful if they included a brief summary of each book/work of literature for the ones I am not familiar with, though–I’m having to use wikipedia to get cliff notes on the ones that I haven’t read and it would be nice to have them all in one place (and from a better source than wikipedia!). (Just a suggestion for those of us who haven’t read all of them!!)

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I’m grateful for that list too! It’s nice that a lot of the classics are free on kindle so I won’t break the bank making my way through the list.