New Book for June

Bought the new book for the week of June 8th. (A TIme to Die). What chapters are we supposed to complete before the discussion.
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Dear Jackie,

We’re having a one-session discussion with the translator of the novella Silent Angel this week which means that we won’t begin our discussion of A Time to Die until next week. Please read the first three chapters before then.

Many thanks for being part of the Book Club.

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Interesting views on death and dying. Even monks have issues! Some after so much struggling are transformed at death. Chuckled at the monk who wasn’t responding but when he did he was concerned for his cat. Even when they cannot pray they feel than being in God’s presence is enough. The concept of no coffin was interesting. Seems most of the monks prefer to die at their monastery. Another monk’s view of following Christ on the Cross was talked about a lot in his youth. When he reached old age, he was silent. The caregivers are all doing a great service.