Silent Angel discussion

Enjoyed the discussion audio (miss the video recording) and thanks for having the translator to comment. Comments about the Armenian history in the Church were instructive. Great book and great discussion. Thanks. (FYI-I got my copy through our library’s ZIP program, so it will be returned to our library and added to their collection. This is a story for many to hear.)

I agree. The book was very moving and thoroughly appreciated the translator comments and insight. I just ordered Skylark Farm. Anxious to read it

I’m please that you got the book through the library’s ZIP program and I hope that it will lead to many others reading it.

I read Skylark Farm a few years ago, which is one of the reasons that I’m pleased that we could focus on Antonia Arslan’s new book. Skylark Farm is a brilliant novel. Very moving, very disturbing and beautifully written.