UPDATE on the August 26 Book Club, Chapters 7-13

Owing to some major technical difficulties—with my own brain—the discussion on Chapters 7 to 13 will be posted this Friday, August 30, around 10:30 AM PST (1:30 PM EST), though not as a live stream.

The following Monday, Labor Day, will be a day off, and then we’ll come back to a live stream on Chapters 14 to 18 on Monday, September 9.

Thank you very much for your patience! It’s clear that we are all amateurs, at least when it comes to live video streaming. Do stick with us, folks, and keep up the comments.

Thomas Jacobi
Ignatius Press

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Thanks for the update.

Why can’t I find the August 26 discussion?

You can find it here.

Chapter 10 on Metaphysical Poetry pretty much went over my head. I was hoping to get more out of it from the discussion but it was glossed over. Can anyone give a simplified explanation to someone who has not majored in literature? I felt the topic was important so I don’t want to just let it go%

Thanks for the good question. The panelists will address it directly on next week’s episode! Stay tuned.

Thomas Jacobi
Ignatius Press